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As a leading marine wire and cable manufacturer, Jiangsu Jiangyang Special Cable Co.,Ltd. excels in crafting precision-engineered solutions. We produce high-quality cables with top-grade materials, ensuring superior conductivity and reliability. With a commitment to innovation and stringent quality standards, Jiangyang Cable delivers leading and tailored wiring solutions for diverse industries worldwide.

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Jiangsu Jiangyang Special Cable Co., Ltd. is your premier destination for trusted wire and cable solutions. With a steadfast dedication to quality, advanced, and customer satisfaction, we are a reliable partner in delivering top-notch wiring solutions tailored to diverse industry needs. Count on Jiangyang Cable for unparalleled expertise, superior products, and a commitment to powering your success with cutting-edge wiring solutions.


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Product Range

Marine Cable

Marine Cable

Engineered for maritime environments, ensuring reliable power, data transmission, and precise control in ships and offshore applications.

Fire Proof Cable

Fire Proof Cable

Advanced fire-resistant materials are used to provide safety and dependability in essential uses.

Electric Cable

Electric Cable

Electric Cable has a high-grade material and superior conductivity, delivering reliable power transmission in diverse industries.

Rubber Cable

Rubber Cable

It is built with premium-grade rubber compounds to provide flexibility and robustness for long-lasting performance in industrial and outdoor environments.

Mining Cable

Mining Cable

It was produced for rugged endurance and outstanding performance in harsh mining settings, assuring safe and dependable subterranean power transmission.

Control Cable

Control Cable

Manufactured for accurate and dependable electrical system control, delivering dependability across various industrial applications.

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At Jiangyang Cable, our commitment to excellence stands as the cornerstone of our wire and cable solutions. With a relentless pursuit of innovation and a constant dedication to quality, we offer superior products customed to exceed industry standards, ensuring reliability and performance for diverse applications. Choosing Jiangyang Cable means choosing a trusted partner committed to excellence in every wire and cable solution we provide.

Industry Compliance

Stringent requirements are followed to ensure safety and compliance.

Expert Technical Support

Dedicated assistance ensuring seamless integration and operational efficiency.

Enhanced Efficiency

Superior conductivity for improved power transfer in a variety of applications.

Robust Durability

Resilient construction ensures long-lasting performance in demanding environments.


For improved performance, cutting-edge technologies and modern materials are used.

Precision Engineering

Customized wire and cable solutions that match the needs of specific industries.


Mike K

Mike K.

"Impressed with the durability and versatility of Jiangyang's wire products. Their expert support ensured a seamless integration process for our applications."

Allen W

Allen W.

"Working with Jiangyang Cable has been a game-changer for our projects. Their top-notch wire and cable solutions and technical support are superb."

Paul G

Paul G.

"Jiangyang's commitment to quality and innovation shines through their wire solutions. Their responsive service truly sets them apart in the industry."

Noah P.

"Jiangyang's wire and cable solutions exceeded our expectations regarding reliability and performance. Their tailored approach perfectly met our industry needs."

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Cleat Wiring – Insulated wires are attached to walls or ceilings using porcelain or plastic cleats. Cleat wiring is appropriate for temporary installations or locations where the wire must be exposed and easily accessible for maintenance.
2. Conduit Wiring – Cables in this system are housed within metal or PVC conduits, which protect them from mechanical damage, moisture, and environmental conditions. Conduit wire is commonly utilized in residential, commercial, and industrial applications that demand high security.
3. Casing and Capping Wiring – This technology entails routing insulated wires through grooved hardwood casings (casing) and capping them with a protective cap. It’s an older technology mainly employed in residential installations where the wire isn’t subjected to extreme circumstances.

  1. Drawing and Annealing – Metal rods (such as copper or aluminum) are dragged through dies to decrease diameter before being annealed for ductility.
  2.  Stranding – Individual wires are twisted or stranded together to form conductors, improving flexibility and strength.
  3. Insulation and Jacketing – Insulation materials (PVC, XLPE, etc.) cover conductors, which may also get an exterior protective jacket.
  4. Extrusion – Extrusion machines apply insulation and jacketing materials to conductors, guaranteeing consistent coating.
  5. Shielding – Shielding layers are required on some cables to defend against electromagnetic interference.
  6. Testing and Quality Control – Rigorous testing ensures products meet resistance, insulation, and other performance factors standards.
  7. Packaging – Cables are finished by being cut to length, reeled, and packed for transportation.
  • A manufactured wire system, also known as a prefabricated wiring system or modular wiring system, is a technique of electrical installation that employs pre-made or prefabricated components for electrical distribution within buildings or structures.
  • In a manufactured wiring system, different electrical components such as cables, connectors, distribution boards, switches, and other devices are pre-assembled into modular units or assemblies under factory-controlled circumstances. These components interface quickly and on-site, eliminating the need for substantial on-site assembly or wiring.